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IBC Reconditioning Process


Work Planning

1)  Check work instruction issued by the office. Ensure that you have sufficient resources to produce the order (working plant, IBC material of the required type/qty and manpower. Notify/ communicate with Sales Admin where order cannot be produced by specified timescale.

2)  Select suitable IBCs of correct type for order:

  1. Correct make, type, pallet, valve, top cap & fittings for order.
  2. Washable previous contents & serviceable condition.
  3. Customers own tanks for laundry orders.

3)  Identify IBC’s to order (colour tags) and notify production team of colour tag sequence for the current order. Put IBC’s for the order to wash area.

IBC Washing

1)  Put IBC to wash bay, remove top cap, open valve and insert robot washer. Wash tank internally for sufficient time to clean inside. Remove the robot washer when the wash water leaving the IBC is clear.

2)  Wash IBC externally using the power washer and hand tools. Remove all product marks, labels, stencil/ink marks & contamination from bottle, ID plate and pallet. Finish internal cleaning with power washer if required to remove any residual product. Pay attention to the inside top and valves making sure all product/contamination is removed.


3)  When the IBC is clean, fit your personal ID label and forward the IBC for finishing.

IBC Finishing

1)  Inspect tank for cleanliness & condition which must be clean with no visible previous product, labels & stencil/ink markings. Mop out & wipe residual wash water from inside the IBC.

IBC finishing process 1

2)  Close the valve and pressure test the IBC for leaks. Whilst the IBC is under test/pressure, perform valve soapy water test – Refer to leak test & soap test procedures.

IBC finishing 2

3)  Replace valves & re-test IBC’s that have failed the leak test for valve failures. Clearly mark leaking IBC’s for scrap/re-bottling.

4)  Remove old foils from valve and clean flange. Fit new foil and seal using hot iron. Fit transit caps.
5)  Put IBC through the warm air drying process if specified in the order – Refer to warm air drying process.
6)  Finish tank to customer specification. Fit specified attachments, touch up paintwork, fit ID plates, etc. as per work instruction. When IBC meets fully with the specification, fit inspection release label and release tank for order/stock.


7)  Record IBC’s washed & despatched against customers into the IBC report. Sign report for completed work & forward report to the Foreman.
Collate production data from IBC reports and forward completed IBC reports to office.

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