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Total Waste Management


MDL are dedicated to helping companies adhere to the ‘Waste Hierarchy’ thus reducing their carbon footprint and maximising recyclability. Whether it is hazardous or non-hazardous waste streams MDL work in synergy with a group of companies to find cost efficient solutions to effluent waste whilst adhering to current environmental legislation.

We created our Total Waste Management service in response to our customers’ needs for one point of contact for all their site’s waste requirements. It’s all about the quality of our service and your peace of mind in knowing that a high quality company is taking care of the whole disposal process, from the collection and initial recycling, to the environmentally friendly composting of biodegradable waste.

Working in conjunction with our meticulous project management team, our approved, quality supplier network help ensure your waste disposal is carried out as smoothly, efficiently and ethically as possible.We’re particularly proud of our environmental credentials and these are backed up by our comprehensive monthly reports that give you full insight into the waste management we carry out on your behalf. We give you full traceability for confirmation of disposal and, if we determine any packaging and containers are reusable, we’ll even provide you with a rebate.

We are one of only a few waste management companies that carry a licence for the disposal of eight categories of hazardous material.

MDLrecycling image Our Total Waste Management Plan

When you make an enquiry, we’ll start off by putting together a site audit – no obligation of course. From our findings, we’re able to create a bespoke solution for your business, including an overview of how our solution compares to your current situation. This way you can quickly assess the savings and environmental benefits our service offers.

But the MDL waste management solution offers much more than that. Its one point of contact for all your waste disposal and recycling needs, meaning a more efficient solution to your needs, as well as the comfort of knowing all the complicated legislation and logistical elements are taken care of by experts.

Total Waste Management = Total Peace of Mind. Call us on 0161 203 4611.

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